Wattage suddenly going crazy

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been successfully using zwift for months with the initial teething issues, but nothing since.

All of a sudden during my last couple of rides, my wattage (I usually average around 200 watts on a ride) jumps up to 1000 watts plus!! Even when I’ve stopped pedalling.

I’m using the same devices that I’ve used since initial set up.

ERG mode isn’t on either.

I seem to be running the latest version of swift.

Extremely frustrating.

Any help would be much appreciated

Could you provide some more details on your set up? Trainer? Power meter?

This happened to me with a Wahoo Kickr Snap. Harware problem in the snap.

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Do a Factory Spindown (NOT the regular spindown). I forget the methodology but easily Googled. I had to do it a couple of times when I used a Snap.

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