Power accuracy issues with Wahoo Kickr Snap

Hello, I have been having power accuracy issues with my trainer on Zwift. Everything checks out ok with Wahoo app. However on Zwift power is reading way higher than actual effort. Do I have to buy another trainer! Can’t get a straight answer from Zwift. No phone number to call . WTF!

Did you try to dual record and compare data. Zwift will only show what is being sent.

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Hello, First, why is no number to call a tech at Zwift?
Second, I have a Wahoo Kickr snap trainer that works fine on the Wahoo app. However, on Zwift, wattage is way higher than actual effort. I’ve tried almost everything. Update firmware, uninstall and reinstall app, turn blue tooth on and off.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or is the trainer just outdated? Thanks,

Search for Wahoo firmware it may be the new firmware.

Hi @Spider_Monkey, have you made sure that your rear tire is inflated to the proper psi as directed by the manufacturer, and tightened the trainer’s roller per wahoo’s instructions? What about a spindown calibration using the wahoo app?

Thank, yes, I have done that several times. As well as uninstall, reinstall apps, blue tooth etc. Wahoo works fine- Zwift is way off on power. Spider Monkey

Are you running both apps, wahoo and zwift, at the same time? How do you know Zwift is reading “way higher”?

Also, to Gerrie’s point, what do you use to run Zwift? A lot of ios devices are having issues with the latest wahoo firmware and reversing the resistance so downhills feel like uphill.

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