Sudden high power

I haven’t changed my set up on Zwift or my kit, but suddenly my watts have gone through the roof. I’m not on a smart turbo, so use, HR, cadence and speed sensors, all Garmin. I reconnected, rebooted, all the normal things that I can think of. Nothing has worked, does anyone have any ideas please. My ftp had just gone up to 582w - which is crazy!
Help tips or advice on how to sort this would be great. Thanks

There’s a thread on this at March 2021 Update issues

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Swap tacx trainer to elite nova force on Zwift. Worked for me…

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This issue is being posted in so many new threads. Is there a way to close all but one, and then ‘pin’ that one to the top of the Forum so that it is readily visible?

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As a long time forum admin, I can tell you with complete confidence that people don’t read sticky threads.


Then can you make it have a flashing red background? :rofl:

I doubt even that would help. :joy: