Zwift showing too high watts

After the update Zwift is showing much higher watts. I’m using a speed and candans sensor form Garmin. How can this be fixed?

Check this forum: March 2021 Update issues - #8

If you’re on a dumb tacx trainer, swap it to an elite nova force, worked well for me. Comparable figures.

I have this same issue. I’m normally outputting 250 watts after the update i was cruising around at over 400w. Nothing on my hardware side has changed. The only change was the swift update.

Same here. Much higher watts indicated than I know I was actually doing. FTP has changed from 288 to 450 watts!

Hey folks - to save too many threads opening up on this issue, can you post over in this thread below.

Zwift are asking for info from you to help them troubleshoot