BUG: Zwift shows way too high power on dumb Tacx Boost

After applying the Zwift recommended update today (PC/Windows 10/ANT+) and changing the batteries to my Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors Zwift reads the cadence correctly but the zPower (and hence the speed) are way off. I am using the recommended Setting 2 on my trainer.
My actual FTP is 126 but after finishing Alpe du Zwift in 42 minutes (!!!#$@) and the game updating my FTP to over 300 watts I knew something was horribly wrong.

Anyone else having this issue?

I am also having this issue after the update. I use a Tacx Booster with Garmin speed and cadence sensors.


Same issues here Tacx Boost, Garmin Speed Sensor2, bluetooth connection, windows OS, running companion app, also ran it on Android with same results, power and speed were way off after update.


The thread below has Zwift team asking you folks for more info relating to this issue so perhaps participate in that …