Power pedals issues, I think

Hi, new to zwift etc… I’ve got a spin bike (jtx cyclo 6) but I’ve bought and fitted the assioma uno pedals to it. I’ve done a few rides but getting odd behavior with my wattage. I first noticed that I was getting inconsistent wattage even though my cadence and resistance remained the same, and in many instances if I increased my cadence my watts would drop?? I don’t think I’m getting connection drop outs i.e as a test on the connection screen for zwift (where you pair devices) I have it pair my pedals for power and cadence, from there if turn my pedals over sat 50rpm wattage would be 100 but fluctuate +/-20 watts, and then I double my candence and watts dropped? I’m just finding the wattage really erratic which is taking the fun out of it. Any ideas?

Ps connected to a samsung tablet, but will try another device tomorrow

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You can use zwiftalizer.com to check for dropouts.

My thinking is with the spin bike you will need more power to get the wheel up to speed but once it is spinning you only need to overcome the friction. Try increasing the friction.

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Thanks for replying @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ really appreciate it. I’ll look at that, it’s but from looking at my strava and zwift power graph it doesn’t drop to 0 of I’m say at 170 watts it will fluctuate between 170-120 constantly so looks very up and down. I guess what I was expecting it the resistance and cadence to remain the same, the wattage would +/- a few. So based on what you said is it,s the weight of the flywheen spinning that’s effectively decreasing my power to pedal, which is why if I increased my cadence the wattage decreases?


Sorry just to add another test… So set cadence at 75 and resistance to a level to hit 180 watts and it holds fairly steady, then up cadence to 90 and my watts dropped to 140, I increase resistance and then watts go 200+. Assume it’s not normal, as cadence increase at a give resistance should = more watts?

Are you in Erg mode?

Hi, no not on erg mode