Help please Assioma power pedals

Hi all

I am using zwift with a spin bike. I recently installed Assioma power pedals however since they have been installed my avator doesn’t seem to move or only moves a very slow pace (1-2kms per hr).

Does anybody have any suggestions to fix this? I’ve tried searching for answers but have had no luck yet.

Thanks[date=2022-01-07 timezone=“Australia/Melbourne”]

Are the pedals paired correctly and what are you seeing in terms of power numbers? And just to be safe: you have activated the pedals in the Assioma app and calibrated them correctly after installation, right?

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The pedals are activated and calibrated.

They appear to be connected. The app is finding the pedals and connecting them but I’m not moving

Can you share a picture of your pairing screen?

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So what are the power numbers you are seeing? Maybe recheck your weight setting as well just to be sure…

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Thanks Rosa.

I would double check your weight settings, calibrate the pedals using the Assioma app and like Anna is saying, it would be helpful to see what sort of watts the game is saying you are putting out.

Did you increase the resistance on the spin bike.

The Assioma should work , i have tested them on a spin bike.

When they are paired if you pedal does the watts in the top right corner of the power source bit change?

when in game and pedalling do the watts change? what numbers are you seeing?

I increased the resistance and I started moving. At a slow pace my watts were 51. When I pushed hard it went to 150

What size tire did you select for the spin bike? I changed mine to the 20 inch.

You don’t need to select a tire sizw. Only pair the pedals as power an cadence.