Assioma pedals not linking with Zwift

Hi guys, I am new to the zwift universe. Just bought some Assioma power pedals for my spinning bike. Everything is set up and working EXCEPT I am unable to link up to zwift. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @Prisma, please let us know what device and system you use for Zwift. How do you pair the sensors/pedals?


Hi @Prisma

This is a good starting point.

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Sometimes I use assioma+Mac+zwift - works fine.

Update firmware trough your assioma companion app. I had similar issue month ago. Pedals didn’t connect to mac and wahoo bolt

Does your pedals link now after the firmware update? The firmware update is necessary for your pedals to transmit and link via bluetooth. The original factory pedals were just ANT+. Also, perform the Zero Offset procedure in the Assioma Companion app. If you don’t perform this with a new pair of pedals, there is a chance that they will not link.

Also, I am assuming your pedals’ lights are blinking before you attempt to connect to Zwift. If not, give the crank a few spins with your pedals to wake them. If they do not wake, it could be because you have not done the zero offset to initialise your new pedals. If all these are done and your pedals still do not wake (no lights), you will have to hard initialise the pedals by magnetic pluging in the power charging cable on until the lights start flashing and immediately detach.

IIRC, you also have to use the Assioma app to activate the pedals, until you do that you basically just have a pair of regular clipless pedals.

did you use the assioma app to zero offset them?

make sure you close the app (not just exit it but close it from running in the background) as you can only connect to one app at a time via bluetooth