Zwift stopped connecting to Assioma after last update

Used Zwift last saturday without issues.

Today I saw a small patch (10 MB I think it said on play store). I did the update then went to Zwift and the pedals are no longer found.

  • Zwift version is 1.14.1
  • Pedals are Favero Assioma

Anyone else having issues? Solutions for this?

Update 1: Tried stopping the app, that didn’t work. Tried uninstalling the app and installed it again from play store: still not working, pedals not found.

No cycling today I suppose. :unamused:

Update 2: Reinstalled the app a third time and now it detects the pedals. No idea why it didn’t work before. There was an update to the Android System WebView in-between but I don’t think that would have caused this issue.

I have assioma pedals and mine have been working fine.
Have you tried pairing them to any other apps? do they pair to those?

The only other app I have is the Assioma app.

I tried it and they pair correctly to that one. I also checked and there are no pending firmware updates for the pedals.

Not sure then, it has worked for me on more than 1 android device since the last update.

make sure all other apps that might be connected are killed in the background before running zwift.

I closed all apps, still nothing.

Thank you anyway for the help!

the only trouble I have is that when i first connect they briefly connect, it then says no signal for a second or two and then shows as connected properly. If i click ok in those couple of seconds when it shows no signal then they don’t connect properly so i have to wait for them to show as connected and spin the pedals to check it shows the watts changing from 0 and then click ok

I had ANT+ connection issues on my mobile last night, having worked great for months, including Saturday and Sunday just gone. It would pair to my Direto turbo and Coospo HRM, but while doing an ERG workout, the power/cadence/FE-C would all regularly stop working after disconnecting and re-pairing. Numerous times, I had info saying ERG had been turned off and on.

In the end, I paired up power and cadence from my 4iiii crank power meter, but for a good 5mins ERG wasn’t working even though it had supposedly reactivated. I disconnected and reconnected the Direto FE-C once once more (now ~20mins into the session) and thankfully that got things working to my planned endpoint.

Hopefully this is all down to yesterday’s Zwift Android update and can be fixed.