Assioma pedals compatibility with other apps

I had previously thought that to use assioma duos with zwift you were meant to select the unified channel option.

After a recent assioma app update I noticed this had changed to dual channel (without me changing it).

I tried changing it back to unified channel and both pedals appear in the pairing screen and if you select the left pedal only half the power is reported. I then switched it back to dual channel and it worked as expected, only left pedal shows up and power is as it should be.

Firstly, was I initially wrong and it should have been dual all along? Or has anyone else’s also changed?

FYI, from the manual.

“17. App compatibility
Assioma is preset in a “Unified channel L” mode that ensures the greatest possible
compatibility with apps that manage data transmitted by power meters.
A small set of Bluetooth bike computers and apps might require a change in the
preset “Compatibility with other apps” parameter from the Favero Assioma app.
Before changing the “Unified channel L” setting to “Dual channel L/R”, we
recommend contacting your cycling app Support to find out what the best solution is”.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought, but mine has to be set to dual to work properly over Bluetooth now.

I spent too much time switching between the two yesterday! It is now set to dual. Only the left pedal shows on the pairing screen and the power matches ant+ which isn’t affected by change. Selecting unified channel results in both pedals being on the pairing screen and selecting the left pedal only reports power from that pedal (i.e. half what it should)

Seems like it has been switched somewhere

Weird. I did notice an Assioma app update yesterday on my smartphone. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with it?

I haven’t performed an update on my Assioma pedals yet.
I use Any+ to Zwift and have had no issues.
I think I’ll hold off updating and see if more issues are reported.
I hate messing with things that are working.

They still work fine and if I hadn’t looked I’d never have noticed anything had changed.

My guess is the selection is just upside down in the new version of the app.

There is no firmware update or anything, just a new mobile app.

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updated the app and my duo-shi didnt get any settings changed, only thing the app has done is annoy me by changing the name of the app and moving it further down into the apps

i have checked on two different phones and mine are set to dual channel - they work fine but seem to be labelled the wrong way around.

i agree on the new name and moving the app in the list though!

Mine seems to have gone back to unified left channel without me changing anything. Maybe there always an update to the app that did it?

Either way it is back to how it was without me changing anything