Favero duo pedals

I’ve just fitted some favero duo pedals and the power displayed to the kickr while switched off is approx half what it should be, so riding zwift in 52-11 legs spinning like catherine wheels I can only manage 220 watts give or take, I’ve seen other posts but I’m able to definitively say its showing half or maybe even less than half, I bought them for outdoor riding, any suggestions hugely welcome

There are some settings in the Assioma app that could be producing this power-halving effect with DUOs. I don’t recall what the factory default settings were with mine when I got them, but I recommend closing the Zwift app, opening the Assioma app (assuming that you’ve already installed it on a device), and checking in the Settings that it’s reading your DUOs as DUOs and not converting them to UNOs, or reading only the left pedal. Also, check that your crank length is correct. Zero the pedals again, just to be sure, and make sure that the Power scale factor is at +0 for both.
Close the Assioma app, open Zwift and, if necessary, unpair and repair your Assiomas.
Hoping that you get a more accurate result after that. I also use a KICKR (2018 model) and my DUOs are always within 5W of the trainer.

Also, as far as I can remember, both pedals need to be activated separately in the Assioma app. And indeed the Assioma app is your best tool for troubleshooting this.

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I adjusted the settings to a UNO and the power is reduced further still, I’ve also got an Elmnt paired, and same problem as with Zwift so I know the issue is with the pedals, how do I zero the pedals, or manual offset zero I don’t see that option in the app

I can’t recall the details, but remember the initial set up required carefully following the manual. They then worked first time in both Zwift and on my Wahoo Bolt.
It might be simplest to return them to factory settings and just follow the instructions in sequence from the very beginning.

It does sound like your pair is only transmitting the power reading from one of the two.


How do I return it to factory setting? Sorry if I seem dumb

No worries. It’s a tedious process when first setting up, but once you’ve gone through everything in the manual, there is little-to-no technical maintenance required beyond recharging and periodically zero-ing them (all described in the manual).

If you don’t have it already, download/read the manual that you can find at:

This is the current one, as far as I can tell:

They don’t seem to give a straightforward factory reset procedure from a cursory search, but Chap. 10. (manual calibration) seems to be the required action when installing on a different bike, so is probably your best bet.

I’m also wondering if it’s first worth checking that the physical installation is all okay, i.e. that there’s no rub between the pedal body and crank, or with your shoes and the pedal. The supplied washers can help there. I had to install one on each side on mine; I’ve heard of some people needing two each side. Good luck.

The kicker should be on and you need to pair the kicker as controlable and the pedals paired as power and cadence.

Thanks heaps for all your suggestions, I tried everything indoors with no luck, then headed out to local bike shop for any clues, after pedalling no more than 150 metres the bike computer showed readings as they should be, all the power spikes you’d expect from each type of effort, not sure why Zwift via the Kickr and from the Bolt indoors were all showing half or less than half but I don’t care, their sole purpose is power training outdoors, so I’m abs stoked.
Once again really appreciate your efforts, and if you’re ever 30km due south of Brisbane , I’ll make you the best cup of coffee in the Southern Hemisphere

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In the assioma app make sure the compatibility with other apps is set to unified channel L

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