Favero Assimo UNO - halve the power setting

I got my Assimo uno pedals a couple of months ago and have been using them on a spin bike for Zwift.
Favero have updated the app a couple of times in the last month and I’ve only just noticed that the setting for the Uno pedals has changed from “Double the power” to “halve the power”.

It is using Bluetooth.

By default Favero had this set to “ON”

When I set up the pedals originally I had the double the power to “OFF” having read the posts on here.

I tried turning it off for a test and my wattage jumped from ~75watts at 70rpm to 120 watts.

I am now unsure what setting I should be on.
I am a new cyclist, 3 months in, at 63kg, 160cm and female so I don’t expect to be outputting high wattage. However, I don’t want to be lower than I should be either.
I would say fitness was poor when I started.

Zwift has had my wattage at 1.0-1.2w/kg since I got the pedals. It’s been starting to be more at 1.2w/kg more recently as my fitness has started improving.

Given my wattage hasn’t changed with the updated app I’m wondering if halve the power being ON is correct but I’ve nothing to go off and no other way to test my wattage capabilities.

The help section of the app is fairly unhelpful as it just says to alter the settings if you feel it’s under or over estimating, but if you don’t know then that’s not helping.

Anyone know what the setting should be or if my current 1.1-1.2w/kg sounds correct?

I don’t know anything about your equipment, but comparing you to my wife who isn’t a strong biker your power numbers seem reasonable. I wouldn’t worry about it too much at the moment as you are just getting some exercise.

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75 Watts average seems normal for a female (somewhat less trained) cyclist. My Mrs has an average around 75-80 Watts by 61kg. 120 Watts is not abnormale but more likely by trained female cyclists. What you should do is compare with your “road equipment” such as Garmin or… The Favero Assioma’s are pretty precise and I’ve already compared them (duo’s) with Zwift by using my Garmin.

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Thanks Francis. Sounds like it might be correct then.
I can’t compare it unfortunately because I don’t have any other bike equipment.
I did get a suggestion to email Zwift support and they’ve confirmed that Zwift doubles the power from the UNO so if it was “double the power” it should be off.
However, they didn’t know if Zwift would double it or not for “halve the power” but suggested it was better to be underestimating than overestimating.

normally you should have the setting turned off for accuracy, so you were right previously. i’m not sure about the new wording, but if you left the setting as it is and your numbers are the same as before the software update, then it’s probably correct to still leave it as it is

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This setting only affects Bluetooth, so if you’re able, try connecting to something via ant+ (zwift or a bike computer if you have one) and see if there is a discrepancy. If not you should be fine .


Thanks. Yes, given support are not sure either that’s ultimately what I’ve been thinking. If it’s being on has not changed the wattage then Favero have probably taken it into account and left the setting “correct”

Thanks Chris. Unfortunately I don’t have a device that works with Ant+ otherwise I would have checked it via that.

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Just to update this thread for completion and in case anyone else is wondering about the settings.
After investigating and a great deal of faff having to download various apps we tried connecting an Ant+ dongle to my husbands Android phone but that seemed to give odd results so we tried it with a very small windows PC he has. Luckily Zwift shows you your power and cadence etc without having to be in 3D mode so we could see what numbers I was producing on a device that otherwise wouldn’t have been powerful enough.

So Ant+ showed my wattage at 75-80 watts at 70RPM so that confirms that my current readings are correct and the “halve the power” setting should be “ON” for the UNO pedals.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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Am I understanding correctly that these pedals can broadcast double the real watts to Zwift?

Hi Paul,

Yes, they can. As long as you know what your watts should be either through outdoor cycling or via Ant+ then you can check and set them up via the setting in the app. If the setting is “Double the power” then it should always be OFF for Zwift.