Favero Assioma UNO and spinning bike

Hello. I have a basic spin bike that I would like to set up with Zwift. Will the Favero Assioma UNO allow me to do this? thanks!

Yes. The Assioma will report power (watts), and cadence, to Zwift.

Zwift will not control the resistance on your spin bike, so you won’t get interactivity with the Zwift terrain. The spin bike won’t get harder to spin when you’re going uphill in Zwift, or easier when you’re going downhill. You will need to control resistance manually.

thanks a lot!

Excuse my ignorance, but does the UNO come with 2 pedals, but only one has the tech? Or is it literally just one pedal and you have to supply the second one?


There are two versions. Both versions provide two pedals. One version has a single power meter in one of the pedals. The other version has two power meters, one in each pedal.

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That makes sense. Thanks for the quick response, Steve!

did you buy it at the end?

I have a follow up question… I have a the same kind of setup (same Favero pedals) and want to make sure that I follow Zwift etiquette when riding by myself and on a group ride (I do not plan on racing as I am just on Zwift for fitness)… how much does it matter how accurate I am in adjusting resistance based on the grade shown in Zwift? I “think” I have a rough correlation of how much resistance equates to how much grade but it is just a guesstimate based on how hard I have to work. Thanks.

If using the pedals as the source of power you’ll be fine and actually more accurate than smart trainer users who don’t regularly calibrate their trainers - just sayin’ (shrugs) LOL

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So I got the pedals in and WOW did my power level drop, form around 200w to around 65w. Trying to understand how power correlates to fitness as my heart rate does not get nearly as high as when I do a quasi-HIIT (more like strength training using supersets with rest in between each group of three exercises) so I suppose I could increase the resistance to elevate my HR, but my legs give out LONG before I hit a much higher HR.

65W is very low if you were trying. I wonder if that’s the output from only one pedal? Did you buy the Duo power pedals or Uno?

The duo, and I made sure to select the Left pedal within Zwift. I can double check but since Favero only has phone support in Italian, not sure how much help I can get.

Hopefully someone here who has Assiomas can provide further advice on how to check that the pedal is reporting the total power (i.e. double your one pedal) correctly to Zwift.

I have ordered the Uno and haven’t received it yet. However, I would say if you have the duo but have only selected one pedal on zwift it may only be reading half of your power? I.e you are actually riding at 130w but it is not reading your right pedal.

If you only have the uno then you only select one pedal as it doubles it for you.

Hope that helps…

Over bluetooth only one pedal(the left) is transfering data to zwift. There is a setting in the assioma app to double the power for bluetooth with one pedal. Maybe that helps?

I’ve heard you aren’t supposed to do that when using these with Zwift. Zwift will double the power for you automatically.

Please don’t do that. Zwift already knows that you’re pairing only one pedal so Zwift will do the doubling for you. If you turn on that Assioma setting then you’ll mess things up.

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I have the duo’s and you only pair one pedal (left side) in fact you don’t have the option to pair both. The left pedal will get the power from the right and send the total power to Zwift.

Don’t enable the individual pedal setting in the app.

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Oh my goodness. I have almost the exact same problem, but not quite as bad. I’ve been working with Favero on this for over 3 months now and still no resolution in sight. Have you figured out anything more around why your power is so low?

In my case, my power on the spin bike with Favero Duos is about 65% of what I can do outdoors on any bike. So outdoors, I can hold 200 watts for an hour at an average 135 HR. On the spin bike a 135 HR for an hour gets me about 120 watts. Holding 200 watts on the spin bike is only possible for about 5 minutes. Again, outdoors, I can hold it for an hour.

I won’t even go into all the tests and everything we’ve tried, but the crazy thing is, this has all been verified on multiple platforms and Favero says they don’t see anything odd with the data other than the fact they can’t explain why the power is so low on the spin bike. Hopefully, this will get figured out at some point. I’m tired of being lapped by joggers. :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’m new here. I’ve just installed my Assioma UNO pedals on my trusty Le Monde spinning bike. I understand that I will have to add resistance manually. But how and when do I do this? I’ve tried a demo on zwift and I get “close the gap” means sprinting? But when am I supposed to add resistance? Will I get a message such “add power” or something like that?