Favero Assioma UNO and spinning bike

Hello. I have a basic spin bike that I would like to set up with Zwift. Will the Favero Assioma UNO allow me to do this? thanks!

Yes. The Assioma will report power (watts), and cadence, to Zwift.

Zwift will not control the resistance on your spin bike, so you won’t get interactivity with the Zwift terrain. The spin bike won’t get harder to spin when you’re going uphill in Zwift, or easier when you’re going downhill. You will need to control resistance manually.

thanks a lot!

Excuse my ignorance, but does the UNO come with 2 pedals, but only one has the tech? Or is it literally just one pedal and you have to supply the second one?


There are two versions. Both versions provide two pedals. One version has a single power meter in one of the pedals. The other version has two power meters, one in each pedal.

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That makes sense. Thanks for the quick response, Steve!

did you buy it at the end?