Favero uno

Using favero assimoa uno power pedals on Zwift, when I rode outside I turn double the power on, when I rode on Zwift do I uncheck that in there app, also see another option compatibility with other apps there a unified channel L and dual channel L/R it was checked to dual but if I have it on unified channel L, would I have to worry about double the power? I also use ant +

If you’re using ANT+ to connect to Zwift, I don’t think this applies as the option is for BT connections only. I also use Uno with a ANT+ connection and have never touched that setting within the Favero app but I am aware of it…

Using the favero assimo uno one sided and have double the power checked for riding outside when riding inside do I uncheck that or leave it on I’m
Using any+ what if I use for Bluetooth I turn it off ?

Sounds like when riding outdoors you’re connecting to a bike computer/other device via ANT+, so the setting won’t matter there.

If connecting to Zwift via BT when indoors, just leave it toggled ON. No need to continuously turn it on/off via the Favero app.

Double the Power must be OFF

I raced Tuesday night using any+ and left double the power ON and power was correct