Optimal IC4/Favero Assioma UNO setup


I recently got my Favero Assioma UNO pedals in and I’m curious to know what the best setup is. I use my laptop as my screen and enjoy using my phone for the companion app. I’m interested to know how I should have Zwift connect to my bike.

Is it better to use bluetooth for all connections? Or should I use ANT+ from the IC4 to my computer? Also, should the power pedals be use for power only or power and cadence?

I was actually tempted to use my USB from my bike to my computer, BT for pedals/companion app.

Thanks all!

I’d probably use ant+ for everything, the companion app relies on good WiFi signal so one less thing to go wrong and get dropouts from.

Depending on your trainer only combination of trainer, power meter, cadence sensor will work but hard to say which is best without knowing the trainer.

Also remember that single sided powermeters just use the power from the left pedal and double it so if your left leg is dominant it could read high or if your right leg is stronger it’ll read lower.