Is Assomia Favero Uno accurate for Dual Recording?


I’m thinking about getting some pedal based power meter in order to dual record my Zwift Races and am looking at the Assomia Favero as they look reliable, accurate and with a reasonable price tag.

L/R balance is not something I want/need and I always do my interval sets inside (outside is mostly free riding so power meter is not really needed). So my main concern is accuracy for Dual Analysis on ZwiftPower.

My primary source for races is the Tacx Neo Bike.

Question is: in order to save money, can I buy the Favero UNO version, where only the left pedal has power recording ? Will it be accurate enough in order to dual record and legitimate my Zwift races performances or should I REALLY need to buy the DUO and have the 2 pedals recording for analyses accuracy ?

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yes. in fact i’m not even sure zwift supports the dual version and will only take power from one side so you may as well use an uno for that purpose anyway, unless there was a firmware update or a zwift patch recently

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He shouldn’t use Assioma Uno as Primary source on Zwift…just Dual record on Bike Computer.
He should be using Neo Bike for Zwift Power Source.

right, i mean as a secondary though. i think (someone fact check me though because i personally use a crank) that the duo broadcasts separate signals for each pedal so you can only dual record from the left only if you are using a trainer or smart bike for your primary, so there’s not much point in getting the duo

edit: i think i’m wrong here, my bad. but either way an uno is fine

Fact check: The Assioma DUO will transmit total power from both pedals via ANT+ and Bluetooth with their standard configuration. They call it “Unified channel L” mode.

There is a configuration option to split them, “Dual channel L/R”, that splits a set of DUO into two independent UNOS. Best not use that with a set of DUO. I don’t know of any software that requires that.


sorry, i just looked it up, my bad brother. still, to answer the general question, an uno is acceptable at any level of zwift racing for dual recording purposes

Assioma’s are rock solid but you should get the DUO’s if you can stretch a bit further.

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[quote=“Paul-Philippe Nelles [VISION], post:1, topic:593959, username:Paul-Philippe_Nelles”]
Will it be accurate enough in order to dual record and legitimate my Zwift races performances
yes it will, i use a 4iiii single sided crank for dual recording and it often reads slightly higher than the Neo 2T bit other times its spot on

am hoping the duo or the duo shi are on offer for black friday

If the trainer and the pedal readings are more and more precise, you should get a slightly lower value from the trainer because of the energy lost down the drive train.
It’s a good sign.

I got the Favero Assioma DUO Shi lately and I’m impressed by it’s quality and accuracy.