Wahoo Kickr V5 vs. Assioma Dual Recording

Hi there,

I’m new to dual recording but wanted to give it a try.

I got the Assioma (single sided) Powermeter and the Kickr V5 all connected via ANT
As power and cadence source for Zwift I use the Assiomas and let Zwift control the Kickr. I recorded my today’s race with my wahoo bolt (I’m not sure which source the bolt uses bc both sensors are paired).

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but the numbers are way off and I don’t know if I should trust the Kickr or the Power Meter. Either way, I don’t want to cheat or sandbag in races so I’m looking for advice :slight_smile:
kickr v asioma

If you want to look further it was today’s P Race Zwift Power - Login


With a single-sided powermeter, the obvious explanation would be a left/right asymmetry, in this case that your right leg is stronger. Either that or your pedals are out of calibration and/or the crank length is incorrect, check those for starters anyway.

I have done dual recording with Kickr V5 and Assioma Duo, and the results are generally within ~1% of each other (except for the 1 second time window, probably because the timeslices are different).


Thanks for your advice. Cranks were set to the correct lenghts. I did the zero offset for the Assiomas (though not needed anymore?) and a calibration spindown for the Kickr.

I recorded today’s race with everything Kickr related to Zwift (Ant+ connection) and connected only the Assiomas to the Bolt.

Zwift Power Analysis shows this frustrating picture:
Assioma Vs Kickr 08012021

The race was: Zwift Power - Login
And it’s missing 5 seconds due to autopause :confused:

Any advice which numbers I should trust more? I’d like to race the WTRL on Tuesday and want my power data to be as realistic as can be.


Ok, now the pedals are reading higher than the trainer rather than the other way around. Are you sure you didn’t also switch your right and left leg around? :smiley:

I’d go with the trainer as primary power source, both because its numbers are based on the whole crank cycle (rather than just half of it and then doubling that) and also because it is what the Zwift e-sport rules require (even if they might not apply to your event).

If you can get a third power source to test against either of those two, preferably a double-sided one, you could figure out which one of those two is more likely to be off.

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I rode upside down on my saddle today. Variety is said to be the spice of life :slight_smile:
I really have no idea where those very different readings come from but for now I’ll stick to the Kickr Power readings bc I have to wait until Christmas to get the right sided Assioma PM. Maybe I can solve the power riddle in a few months time.

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