Dual Recording - Large Error

Since putting my bike on the trainer for the season, I’ve been having calibration and power reading issues. To try to analyze this issue I started dual recording and show a power output in my pedals that is pretty consistently 12% LOWER than that of my kickr core (of which I use for my zwift interface). I’ve tried warming up the trainer with a 10 minute spin, then calibrating, but it still seems to be off. I know it’s mainly podiums for A and B races that have to submit an analyses (of which I would be in contention for the latter), so will this discrepancy in power readings be cause for disqualification?

only fusion require duals for B races and only if you exceed 5.4wkg for 5 min 5 and/or 8.something wkg for 1min during the event. typically when a dual is required a race organiser will look for a margin of 5% or less, but it’s really up to the organiser. you might get away with like say, 8% high over 5s if your 20min is within 3% or whatever. every power source has it’s quirks. in reality i doubt most even really look at duals unless they are wildly off, 12% is pretty far out though.

unless your pedals are fucked then probably the core is reading high as from what i’ve heard they can be prone to it. if you have only been calibrating it in zwift, then try calibrating it from the wahoo app, possibly try an advanced calibration as a last resort.

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Definately try the advanced spindown… I was having similar issues and that solved it for me. it was to the point that I was using the power meter as primary. I didn’t like the laggy feel of that and a friend told me about the advanced spindown.

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I was unaware of that feature, I will definitely try that out. Thank you!

UPDATE: Factory Spindown worked, now within 2% in the opposite direction (I assume due to drivetrain inefficiencies and other small error). Zwift Insider had a good article guiding through this process.

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Sounds about right :+1:

My Neo 2T reads about 1-2% lower than my Assioma Duo pedals.

that’s great news, good to hear. And yeah, 1-2% makes sense when you take into consideration the power loss between pedals and the trainer due to drivetrain. yet another reason to keep that chain clean!

Also never calibrate using zwift, only the wahoo app. Zwift ‘calibration’ does funky things to Kickrs

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You can also connect the pedals directly to the kickr via ant without zwift as the intermediary. Then the kicker uses the pedals as power source instead of it’s own and adapt its brake to it. The kickr sends the powermeters data to zwift.
Similar to the function zwift offers, but much faster and not so lagging.

You link the kickr and the powermeter via the wahoo app.

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