Regraded due to trainer miscalibration

I did the Zwift FTP test the other day and got a noticeably higher FTP than I normally get.

At first I was impressed with myself until I realised that the average power Zwift gave that FTP test was 316w but my calibrated PowerTap pedals gave me 241w.

Repeated the experiment again today on the Ramp test and got 223w compared to 182w from the pedals. I’m used to there being a slight discrepancy between them but not such a large one and it looks like my trainer is miscalibrated.

So my point is, how does one go about having those results removed from my ZP record because that’s thrown me into B and now the trainer is calibrated again I’m going to be stuffed! :stuck_out_tongue:

At the end of the day it’s not the end of the world if cant be done, just doenst exactly inspire me to race again until my actual fitness catches up again!

Side note, I use the trainer power on Zwift rather than reading from the pedals since they seem to like dropping out when Zwifting.

You say you’ve calibrated the pedals, but when was the last time you calibrated the trainer using the trainer software

Email and explain the situation to them.

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Something is weird. Not sure your pedals are showing necessarily more accurate results, if the same ramp FTP test went from 241w down to 182w.

Good question. I’m not sure actually. It’s a Kickr Snap, can’t recall the last time it came up with an update. From memory it does it via the Wahoo app when calibrating?

Wasn’t the same test, the first was the FTP 20min version, the second was the ramp so the averages are different.

Wheel-on trainers are vulnerable to inconsistent power readings if the tension, tire pressure, or tire varies. The Snap is not bad but you have to take care with the set-up and calibrate frequently. Are you already using a trainer tire?

Yeah I know they can be a little temperamental. I try keep a consistent tyre pressure before each ride and keep the tension much the same. Use a trainer tyre as well.

Sometimes a bit slack with the calibration and not spending 10mins warming up!