FTP - Calibration - etc


I ride on a Wahoo Snap. I know it’s been said many times direct drive trainers are much better but well I don’t have the money for that. I am satisfied with my stuff.

I have been riding 1000km until I suddenly found I needed to calibrate my trainer. My FTP was 292kw from what Zwiftpower shows.

I calibrated and suddenly got back on earth and realised I was totally messing up my stats so yeh… I decided to take a FTP test, yeh I never took any before, and so I got much lower result, in the 230s I think.

However Zwift power is still stuck at my old FTP and refuses to go down and still thinks I’m able to race in B category. ■■■■ nah, I struggle to follow with C now…

How can I sort that out?

Ok not sure why the word H E L L is hidden lol

up i need help

You can post in the forums on Zwiftpower, explain your situation and ask for a reset of your category there. The admins there can do that for you.