Wattage displayed feels too easy

So, my FTP was 230 (and has been for a couple of months) up to the other day, when I did the first race of the Zwift Academy, Rolling Hills.
On this free ride, I was amazed (and had a smile on my face) at the wattage I was supposedly outputting. When the race ended, my average was 300w!!! And Zwift suggested my FTP increase to 281!!!
I accepted it and did the next Academy workout tonight (Fast twitch HIIT) and I got through it what felt like relatively easily.
The wattage changes were apparent but I just think no way could I be doing the watts I was doing with that RPE.
I calibrated at the end of the workout and tried another workout just to see. No real difference. Similar watts felt similar effort.
Any advice? What can I do? I’m pretty sure I haven’t increased from 230 to 281 after one race??

More information about your setup will probably be needed to trying to workout what might have happened. What trainer are you using? And when was it last calibrated?

Hey Kev
Set up is:
Wahoo Kickr original
iOS MacBook
Connected via BLE

I calibrated after my workout tonight and re-checked very quickly and it felt the same.
One thing to mention is I unplugged my trainer the other day.

Not sure if that affected anything.

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You calibrated using the Wahoo Fitness app? (Do not calibrate any trainer in Zwift unless it’s a Zwift Hub.) After the calibration do a ride using only the Wahoo Fitness app to eliminate Zwift from the equation. If it doesn’t work as expected in that context then contact Wahoo support.


Nice tip mate. Yes, I did calibrate using the Zwift app.
I’ll download the wahoo app and calibrate. Cheers

Thanks for the advice everyone.
So, after a Wahoo spindown, half monty ftp test and a re-installation of the Zwift App, things seem to be ‘normal’ again and I really haven’t increased my FTP by 50w overnight!