Zwift Calibration went wrong!

I re-calibrated Zwift today and now my watts are totally out of whack. I’ve re-tried 3 more times to try and reset it, but no luck. Like it’s ridiculously hard to get it over 100 watts now whereas I could ride comfortably at ~200+ before. Need to get this fixed before a big ride tomorrow!

Hi @Teresa_Weirich, Welcome to the Zwift forum.

Did you try to calibrate with your trainer’s app.

I am a bit supersized that you say you can hold 200w comfortable, if you are a serous cyclist then it may be possible.

200w will give you about 4w/kg that is what the top A riders do.

Yes. I’ve ridden outside with a power meter and with a Computrainer and 200 watts is difficult but very doable.

I use a Wahoo Kickr Snap. Should I try to calibrate with that app?

Yes try the wahoo app.

Let us know what you find.

One more thing can you put your power meter on the trainer.

Has anyone found a way to calibrate a Bkool trainer on Zwift?