Bkool Pro



i had an issue last night where i was climbing a hill and my power seemed unusually high, fair enough i was out of the saddle and going for it but it was showing me as putting out 900-1000w.


Then a warning comes up and says my set up is not right, and maybe my calibration is not right.


With the Bkool Pro there is apparently no need to calibrate and everything is connected ok, my ANT+ dongle is right beside my trainer etc etc.


Anyone else experience anything like this? Not sure what to do about it :frowning:


Problem on Zwift side maybe?


Any help would be appreciated as i don’t want false figures when training :\

I had the same problem today, I broke 3 KOM’s on my ride and I was asked if i was a Pro…LOL…I’m 53 and over weight so it seems there is a problem