Trouble maintaining watts


I’m new to Zwift, and a rookie on the bike, but I’m having an issue trying to find the right cadence/watts. I did a FTP test yesterday and prior to the test I needed to maintain eg 50 watts, 90 watts etc and found this incredibly difficult! I also only managed to hit speeds of 7-8km/hr even though I was sweating and putting in effort!

Erg mode was on but I still struggled?

I’ve got the KICKR?

Is this just me and being a rookie? Or is there a set up issue?

Thank you!

Welcome @Kels_Williams

We’ll need some more information to try and help. Which Kickr? Is it the snap wheel on or direct drive where you remove the back wheel of the bike and hook it directly to the trainer? What device are you using to run Zwift also?


It is a direct drive! I’m using Apple TV with a wahoo cadence monitor attached to the bike.


Have you calibrated the Kickr?

did you update the firmware after you got the Kickr using the Wahoo app on your phone, and also do a spindown calibration?

The Kickr will now send cadence as well, so you don’t need the additional sensor which might be an issue with Apple TV since it has a limit to 3 bluetooth connections, one of which is for the remote.

I can’t update my firmware it keeps failing, maybe that is the major issue! I’ll try removing some stuff off my Apple TV Bluetooth and see if that helps!

that is probably contributing to the issue, make sure the apple tv is off when you try and update the firmware, maybe the connection is interfering with the wahoo app?

I’ll give it a crack this afternoon and see if my issues are solved! Do I need to add it as a cadence monitor it will do that automatically!

The Kickr will send that info automatically I believe.

Thank you!

Try changing your gears. When I was new to Zwift and a bike rookie, I just put my bike on the trainer and started spinning and had a similar issue to you. While everything is on in just a regular ride, drop your chain to the small ring and choose an easy gear and slowly work your way up through the gears to see how they change your cadence and watts. It may not be equipment, it may be a simple gearing issue. Not sure if you have already tried this but give it a go if you haven’t. Good luck getting things figured out!