Wahoo Kickr Snap + Zwift wattage cap during training rides?

I recently got a Wahoo Kickr Snap, along with a Polar 9 HRM and Wahoo Cadence Sensor. It’s been great so far, especially being able to just hop on the bike and pedal without having to worry about a route, cars, pedestrians, other bikers, etc, I can definitely see myself cycling regularly.

One thing I’ve noticed, however, is my wattage when doing training rides seems to be off. For example, I’ve done a few Emily’s Short Mix 30 minute rides, and I’m supposed to go from 125W to 140W to 170W blocks in 2 minute increments. When I’m in the 125W block, my recorded wattage will top out around 124W, and then once I hit the 140W block, without changing cadence or putting in any extra effort, my recorded wattage immediately jumps to around 139W. The same thing happens when going to 170W, it will typically top out around 169W.

I’m using an Android Moto G 7, and prior to doing one of the rides, I recalibrated with a spindown before my last ride. Has anyone else run into this problem?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @akira_kuga, welcome to the forums. Are you pairing the kickr as controllable in Zwift, and using Bluetooth?

Thanks Mike! Yes, I’m doing both of those.

Sounds like ERG mode is working just fine, can you tell the resistance is changing? If not, try slowing down your cadence and see if it gets harder.

I can’t tell if the resistance is changing, but someone on another forum mentioned it may be a small enough difference that I don’t notice. They recommended I keep the same cadence and let the trainer handle the watt change, which I’ll do and see how it adjusts. I’ll also try slowing my cadence and seeing if it gets harder.

Thanks Mike!