Newbie with (Maybe?) Connections Issues

Hello Zwifters,

First timer here and loving things so far.

Recently bought a Kickr Snap. I use a wahoo HR and Speed/Cadence sensor when I Zwift. Also, I calibrate through Zwift.

After my rides, I have looked at my power readings and they seem to be up and down by 20-40 watts. When I looked at the upload to Garmin, the same outcome.

I thought maybe there was Bluetooth interference, so I did a ride taking off the HR and SC sensor (and even my BT headphones), but no change.

I am posting here, because I am wondering: Is this normal? Is this normal for the Snap? Or do I have a problem somewhere?

I have looked through some of the forums and I don’t have drops only a swing of 20-40. The only time I drop is when I pause.

I tried to post pics but it said I “can’t embed media.”

Thanks for any thoughts Zwifters.

Hi and welcome, From my experience wheel on trainers need a little more attention before every ride if you really want to get as accurate power numbers as possible. I am assuming you do not have a power meter and you are relying on Zwift to calculate or interpolate power.

Tire pressure and roller tension can impact your power numbers. I would recommend checking tire pressure and roller resistance as well as perform a calibrate before every ride that you are looking for the more accurate power numbers. You may also try using the Wahoo app for your calibrations.

I do calibrate with Zwift and I did calibrate with Wahoo once last week.

I just didn’t know if 20-40 watt swings in between a few seconds is normal. Sadly, I can’t send pics.

Ok, so you’re not talking about 20-40 average watt swings for like rides instead you are asking about 20-40 watt swings during a ride in real time?
Have you tried using ERG mode? That should keep your power output spot on. Of course that only works during a training ride not a group ride or a race.
I’ve never really noticed it whike racing because my wattage is constantly changing and easily fluctuates 40 or more watts.
Sorry I can’t be more help but there are lots of very knowledgeable contributors here.