Help watts

Chasing some information on why my watts are not reflecting my pedalling or speed. I am 63 kgs riding at 30kph no gradient HR at max and watts are bouncing between 85-173 no consistent reading…. Very frustrating. Being spat out of rides I raced very regularly. Any suggestions.

What trainer do you have? How is it connected? What platform are you using? Since when is this happening? Might need a few more information :slight_smile:


It’s only started in last three weeks. I am using a kicker snap. It’s Bluetooth connectable. I have removed and reinstalled all programs, zwift and wahoo. I have completed spin downs and calibrations as required. My weight and data is all
Correct and the watts are fluctuating from 78-190 throughout a ride. I am pedalling just to
Keep up and am being spat out of races I frequently ride. The kicker is brand new. I have spoken to wahoo and trouble shoot as they requested and still the watts are
Not replicating the actual pedalling. I have tried everything to rectify but am out of answers now. Sensor in kicker has been cleaned so not sure what else to do.

Have you tried pairing it to some other app to see if you can replicate the issue there? I’d also try pairing to a different device, and trying it in another location in your home in case you are experiencing wireless interference. You might need to return the trainer if Wahoo aren’t able to address it.

have you also tried calibration through zwift and wahoo apps. try the other if you have not done.

Yes I have calibrated through wahoo and zwift. Firmwear is updated and zwift is updated. I am at a loss as to why this is occurring. I have deleted everything and started from scratch. Sensor has been cleaned and all my details like weight are correct.

What kind of trainer were you using before? As simple as it sounds, have you confirmed that you’re clamping the flywheel to the bike tire/wheel firmly enough? If your tire is slipping around, the snap won’t register smooth power. If you’ve been able to successfully calibrate it, this is probably not the issue, but figured I’d ask. Although it’s strange that it works for calibration, but not for Zwift. As Paul asked above, have you tried it with another app? Trainerroad, for example?

Does eg the Wahoo app also show the same fluctuating of watts as Zwift does at the same time?

No John, the wahoo is more accurate.

Are you sure that it’s not the wheel slipping? Tyre pressures and tension adjustment?

It might me that Wahoo is agressively smoothing what it reports (i.e. lying to you) whereas Zwift is more accurately reporting the generated power.

If you can access the Zwift log file for the ride, try uploading it to Zwiftalizer 2.0 to see if it reveals any clues about what’s happening. If you are getting a lot of Bluetooth dropouts, then it’s probably not a mechanical issue between the bike and trainer. If you’re not getting many dropouts, then I would guess it has something to do with the trainer. This is how to find the log file:

Ok, maybe check your Zwift settings, vs wahoo settings. Is Zwift set to show 3-second power or instant?

I’ll check what should it be at

3 second is probably what most use.