Wahoo Kickr Core - Couple of questions

I’ll start by saying I’m brand new when it comes to cycling outside of a spectator. Anyway, I recently have bought a setup for Zwift which includes a Wahoo Kickr Core, Speed + Cadence Sensors + TICKR Heart rate monitor. I believe everything has been set up correctly, I’m currently using bluetooth and connecting to my phone while I wait for my ANT+ dongle to arrive sometime this week where I’ll be switching to my computer.

  1. I’m noticing mainly on downhills and flat sections on Zwift that I feel the resistance “dropping out” when pedaling at a higher cadence and easier gear. Hasn’t happened at all on the few climbs I’ve done, I was wondering if this was due to my pedal stroke, needing to switch to a harder gear or something else potentially related to the Kickr or the way it has been installed? I’ve done the spindown on both on Zwift and the Wahoo software, my “difficulty” bar is on 50% if any of that matters. It feels very unnatural whenever it occurs, it’s not something I’ve experienced outdoors as I generally like to pedal at a higher cadence with less resistance.

  2. I can’t seem to ride out of the saddle. I’m not sure if this is something that just happens on trainers but I have seen videos with people riding out the saddle quite a bit. I’ve tried shifting into harder gears and I feel the same empty patches where I don’t have any resistance, it feels like half the pedal stroke just goes missing. It’s almost impossible to do. Any ideas?

  3. My wattage seems to be a bit all over the place. I don’t have the highest sample size and some of it could very well be attributed to my lack of fitness and strength in the legs I’m sure. However, while testing this I held a very steady 79-82 cadence on the flat, my wattage was bouncing around anywhere from 70-120 watts during this time. I have it set on constantly updating, would switching it to 3 second average be better? My main concern for this is accuracy, I don’t mind if it’s a little bit out but I want to know that the numbers are accurate so each time I ride I can see myself improving or look at areas I need to improve on.

Thanks guys.