Kickr Core half cadence issue


I have a Kickr Core running firmware 1.1.1 (latest) connecting to a MacBook Pro running latest OS. latest version of Zwift is installed. Zwift connected via BT to laptop for power source and cadence (A different app as controllable) and it’s been just fine.

Last few workouts there have been several periods where the cadence reported on Zwift is exactly half what it should be (real cadence reported over Ant+ to Garmin head unit and over BT to MacBook from Assioma pedals is correct). Cadence doesn’t drop out, it’s reporting half. I am not doing single leg drills. :wink:

My pedal stroke is not smooth enough to mess this about and it’s at cadences (real) from about 60 to 90rpm and it’s at sweet spot power as well as lower.

Anyone else seen this and, if so, know how to correct it?

Thanks in advance Zwifters.

Same thing happened to me today. First time i was using the Kickr Core at 120 rpm so could be why i hadn’t seen it before…i’ll keep looking for other discussion on this.