Cadence on Kickr Core

I bought a Kickr Core about 2 weeks ago, and from day one the cadence has been a problem. For about 5 minutes it seems normal (mid 60s to low 70s) and then it suddenly drops to the mid 30s. If I stop pedaling and re-start it comes back up, but just briefly. I have a Wahoo cadence sensor and when I switch to that, all seems normal. It then occurred to me that maybe the sensor was causing some kind of interference, so I removed it but that didn’t help. Could the Kickr itself be defective?

Hi @Vince_Wilhelm, have you checked for updated firmware on the kickr? If it is all up to date, you might have a bad unit and should contact Wahoo support.

My kickr core has worked beautifully, however I do notice when going downhill and the flywheel gets spun up in the harder gears my cadence is way over estimated. Once things slow back down it returns to normal.

Thanks. Yes, I updated the firmware when I set it up. I will contact support. One other quick thing if you don’t mind (since you say your kickr core works beautifully) … compared to my previous set up (a “dumb” Cycleops fluid trainer with a Wahoo speed sensor) the power numbers fluctuate much more wildly, even on “flat” terrain at a constant speed. Does that seem normal? They can drop to 70-80 and go up to 200 in two pedal strokes.

That doesn’t sound normal to me. There is a power smoothing setting in the wahoo utility app that might help, and also in Zwift settings use the 3 sec average power (I think this is for display only, doesn’t change the trainer at all)

Thanks! Much appreciated.