Kickr Core not smooth in Climbs

Hello everyone,

I have had a Kickr Core for a few days now and am very satisfied. However, I have a strange behavior when riding uphill.

At a low cadence of e.g. 60rpm and approx. 170-200 watts on a 10% incline, I can no longer pedal completely smoothly when I’m in the easiest gear (36 front, 34 rear). Trainer difficulty is at 100%. It feels like falling into a hole at the bottom of the crank rotation and having to pedal beyond it.

Have you ever had an issue like this?

Thanks for your help!

The standard advice is to use the Wahoo Fitness app to check for firmware updates, perform a calibration, do a ride using the Wahoo app (or SYSTM), and see if you can replicate the problem there. If so you can talk to Wahoo support without the risk of any finger pointing between Zwift and Wahoo.