2021 kickr core resistance issues

Hey guys new to the forum but not to the world of zwift. I have a major issue with my wahoo kickr core that nobody can solve, even the tech from wahoo but he probably want s me to give up and buy a new one. So here is my issue!

It started a month ago, when i’m pushing hard for a good amount of time, the resistance of the trainer suddenly drops about 30% but not the watts on the screen. It does not happen when I do a recovery ride only when I push the wattage up. The drop in resistance has no link with time only with high wattage. Yesterday I started the tour of fire and ice, all was going well until half way to stage 21 of climb which is the second stage of the climb. I was averaging about 380w on first stage, and halfway second stage lost resistance and didi not comeback.

I’m figuring there’s something going on when the trainer gets to hot maybe? Anyone else had this issue? Yes I disconnected everything that is bluetooth in the house, did a spin down, tried manual resistance in wahoo app and it still acts up. Need help

Does it do it in a different app like rgt ? If it does it’s a trainer issue you would need to take up with wahoo

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I only use zwift but am in communication with wahoo and am doing some training on the wahoo app. It just happened again on the wahoo app so i m sending the fit log to the tech. This time it happened after only 3 minutes in the training :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Trainers overheating the resistance unit is a known phenomenon, but the Kickr Core is a widely used trainer and I haven’t heard a lot of reports about overheating issues with it, so I would pursue a replacement from Wahoo. Usually their support is pretty good even out of warranty.

Other things you can try to mitigate it: (1) aim a fan directly at the trainer, (2) lower the Trainer Difficulty setting in Zwift to zero (or whatever works). These things should not be necessary but might help you keep riding until it’s resolved.

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Agree with @Paul_Southworth . #1 is lowering the trainer difficulty. I run into the same issue with a Saris H3 on the Tower Road @ 100%. Grinding at low rpm is not good. Lowering the TD allows the trainer to spin and generate internal cooling.

If you are already running ~60% or less, it is a Trainer issue. Assuming, of course, you are not doing Suana training.

I will try both putting a fan and reduce the TD and let you know if it solves the issue. Trainer is in the garage at 18 celsius so not i a very hot atmosphere hahah. Thanks

Here is the wahoo tech’s answer.

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