Wahoo Kickr resistance wrong. Was working fine

First post here, so don’t shoot me.
Been using my Kickr V6 without issues since I got it end of January.
Recent couple of rides however have not been happy, as the Kickr’s resistance has not been changing. I get the same resistance going up and down hills or on the flat.
Not changed anything in either the Wahoo app or Zwift.
I am not running in ERG mode.
Firmware version is 5.0.14.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Looks as you might not be alone, maybe @shooj can shed some light

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On the pairing screen does the Kickr show up under Resistance? Is the Trainer Difficulty setting appearing in the Settings menu, and set to something other than zero?

Power Source and Resistance are set as the Kickr. I have a Wahoo Cadence Sensor, so use that, and a heart rate monitor.
All pair up as normal.
In the Zwift settings menu I did see the trainer resistance setting set in the middle. Between off and max. I have not ever changed that.

Sounds like you did everything right. I would make sure the trainer firmware is up to date, and try using it with another cycling app to see if it works differently.

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Morning folks.
Will try the other app at some point as I already have the MyWhoosh loaded on the phone.
While posting the OP to you guys, I did open up a ticket with Wahoo Fitness Support.
I got a long/comprehensive (albeit copy/paste), response with the direction to unpair/delete all instances of the KIckr bluetooth and its app on my devices, remove the Wahoo app, reset the KIckr, then do the opposite to reinstall/re-pair. etc, etc.
So nothing un-expected.
I was then instructed to do the Spindown test.
Question though:
For the Spindown, the support guy instructs an ERG test gradually going from 100W to a mighty 300W (“If possible” - I am 60 so this may be a challenge - but I’m up for it), then back down to 100W.
All in the lowest gear - really?? The lowest gear?
So cycling up Mon-Ventoux (in 34/32T for me) at 300W max by the sound of things? (OK, just for a minute)
…and this should be done “on first use and every 2 weeks after” apparently.
Is this what everyone does with their Kickr?
I very much doubt it, but welcome your feedback.

Best of luck with them, be warned they can be hit and miss, sometimes you have to chase them, I’ve had a ticket inn for about 2 months now, to solve a problem with elemnt app crashing if synced with Komoot

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I had to do this last month and had my V5 replaced under warranty,… Using ERG mode its actually fairly easy to do and I found Wahoo support to be great. Not sure why they want you to do 300w, maybe its the test range for the V6. These were my instructions

Once the above is completed, please perform a 5min workout using Wahoo Fitness app selecting Erg Mode and save it. I will be able to check both the automatic spindown results and the workout logs.


  • ERG Mode:
  1. Start spinning, set the power target to 100 watts and hold steady cadence for one minute
  2. Set target to 150 watts and hold steady cadence for one minute
  3. Set target to 200 watts and hold steady cadence for one minute
  4. Set target to 150 watts and hold steady cadence for one minute
  5. Set target to 100 watts and hold steady cadence for one minute
  6. Save the workout
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Thanks for the info mate. Yes, they also added 3 extra steps to mine, in addition to what you put. After 200 watts, I had to do 250 watts, then 300 watts, back to 250 watts, then the rest of what you put.
300 watts nearly killed me lol, so I did the test without it.
@Jason_J_SPM , if you finished the test ok, can I ask what led to your return under warranty, bearing in mind I assume you finished the test ok?

Resistance issue was my complaint, the tech wanted that info from the test before proceeding further. As soon as they saw it I got an email stating it would be replaced.

Hi guys had this same issue on my Jetblack volt v2. Resistance was fine when paired to Jetblack app. What I did just now was just mess around with the trainer difficulty by one step and it seems to have at least helped - resistance does change now, but I’m not sure I’m quite yet back to where it was… will run 100% now to see what’s what (usually run less because Frankenbike - Jetblack please give me virtual gears :see_no_evil:)
Edit: yup, 100% certainly did something, very noticeable now… will go find a hill next.
Edit 2: yupyup. Everything back to normal by just fiddling around. Can set it back to where it used to be and everything is fine.

An update folks.
Looks like the complete reset and removal/reinstall of apps and Bluetooth configs have sorted my Kickr v6 - at least for now. The customer services directed tests showed my Kickr was changing resistance again OK.
Retesting in Zwift - showed the resistance was also fine again.
To be honest I was kinda impressed with the speed of response from the Wahoo customer service team. I got responses and advice within 24 hrs each time, and that including their analysis of my test data from the Wahoo app.
So all good for me - at least for now.
If it continues to work OK - then great, but if it keeps re-occurring I will be looking at raising another ticket with them, and maybe a replacement.
Anyway - thanks for the advice. :+1:

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Good to hear