Wahoo KickR

(Henrik Stavnsgaard) #1

Hi guys,

Just had my first ride in Zwift using the KickR. I’m use to Trainerroad where the KickR is in Erg mode - allowing for high wattage / and cadence at low gears. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Zwift - in order to produce a somewhat decent output I needed to hit the big gears on a flat piece of road. Is it possible to put more resistance on the trainer without compromising the simulation / virtual experience…?



(Y ohans) #2

Make sure your trainer resistance is set to high or Max (not sure of exact wording as not in game) on the settings screen. The setting has a slider bar to control this input.

(Y ohans) #3

FYI - this setting has the biggest effect on the hills.

(philip mania) #4

i did the SST(short ) workout in zwift the other day. my wahoo is set in erg mode. this workout was brutal. the resistance was difficult all the way thru. i barely got out of my easiest gear. should i switch off erg mode on the kickr? I have no idea what you are referring to  with a slide bar control

(... Teako (TV5)) #5

I put it to max resistance and on flat roads I’m in my hardest gear and I’m spinning the kickr too high and load.  I have not had the perfect fit since Jarvis Island. Any help would be appreciated.

(Brett Martin) #6

Calibrate your kickr with spindown from wahoo fitness App!

Don’t forgot to close the App down after the spindown has completed as it will control the kickr not Zwift.

(... Teako (TV5)) #7

I’ve done the calibration. Richmond is fine when riding with with friends because it’s flat. When on Watopia there is too much disparity between riders and downhill is even harder, even when putting setting on max. 

(Thomas Wrigglesworth) #8

Last night on Richmond my Kickr worked just fine. Agree sensitivity on Max made it very realistic. Today on Watopia, everything is all over the shop. Input does not match the power as per last night. We all know what 200W feels like. What has gone wrong? Is there a software clinch for Kickr’s and Watopia? Initially i found my Workout was on ERG which i remove, hopefully to SIM… but again no improvement. 

Any ideas? Anyone? Thanks in advance

(Liz Belt) #9

Thomas- I am new to this program and reading up on some stuff- have you corrected this problem?  Any advice for a first time user?