Wahoo Kickr Bike Issue with difficulty slider

Last night was my first time using my wahoo kickr bike on Zwift. Previously I used my Tax neo trainer, great product.My issue was when I reduced the difficulty slider in zwift settings and when back to ride, it was really hard to spin the pedals. I when back and set it to 100% and closed Zwift and restarted it. Everything was ok then.
Am I doing something wrong, I assume, or is there an issue with the Kickr Bike and this setting option?
I did not have it on ERG mode, I have specific gears for the front and back

I’m not entirely sure what Wahoo would call it or refers to it as; but it will do a little pre-spin and calibrate, and sometimes ups the magnetic load quite a lot.

So what I normally do when I get on Zwift is I’ll hop on the bike usually before loading into… whatever I’m going to do, and give it a little kick, let the rear disc spin up to its speed (a very light single rotation of the pedals and you’ll hear the “flywheel” in the rear spin up to some RPM without any further spinning of the cranks); and eventually it’ll auto-brake itself; kind of a auto-calibration feature, but Wahoo … won’t call it calibration? (but I’m fairly positive that’s what it’s doing).

Then by the time the world loads and I’m ready to go it seems to be ready without issues.

If I FAIL to do this, it will sometimes put in a really high ERG load; where I have to push like 3-400w to move the thing… it really doesn’t want to.
After about 3 seconds or so though it eases off and settles to what it should be.

So try single rotation when you’re loading up and into the menus… really you can do this any time after it’s powered on.

But that should help.

It isn’t an issue on your end or anything; it’s just something it does; either push through it, or put in one rotation and let it spin down.

Nothing related to trainer difficulty settings or anything.
Should only last a few seconds however; if it’s lasting more than that… then something might indeed be wrong.