Kickr Snap Spinning out on flats and hills. Should I return it?

(Ryan Balukas CISCYCLING) #1

I have performed Advanced Spindown several times, Zwift Trainer Difficulty at 100% and I am still spinning out on flats and even hills if I push hard enough. If I turn up resistance in the Wahoo App on it’s own I can feel the increased resistance for sure and I am far from using all gears. If I am in Zwift and open the Wahoo App and increase the Wind Speed under Sim mode it appears to increase the resistance baseline in Zwift. Is my Kickr working correctly? I am still under return policy. Thank you for any help you can give.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Ryan,

Is Zwift changing the resistance at all during the game? Or is it “flat?”

Can you try not having the Wahoo App open at all, starting up Zwift, and seeing if that makes a difference?

(Ryan Balukas CISCYCLING) #3

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply!It does control it, but I am always in very high gears. I have tried without the app open as well. If I ride around 3.2-3.5w/kg I am typically around max gearing on flats @ 90 rpm.

(Ryan Balukas CISCYCLING) #4

Any other ideas?

(CJ Dudley) #5

I have this same problem but with a traditional wahoo kickr. 4W/Kg sounds like I’m about to take off. 

(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #6

Have you guys tried just using the mobile wahoo app without Zwift?  If you set the grade to 0% or 1%, does it spin out the same way?  

Also, if you bring up the wahoo fitness app and start a workout while riding on Zwift, go to the 6th or 7th data page (on your phone app) for control and select “SIM”.  Here it should show you what Zwift has set the grade to.  I would assume on flats, it is set to zero.  For hills, it will depend on your Zwift setting for how realistic hills feel, but I believe the default is about 50%.  So if Zwift is saying you are on a 5% grade, your WF app should state about 2.5%.  The grade on the phone should be changing in near real time as Zwift changes.

(David Marks) #7

Same exact problem here when I “just ride”. No issues when I do erg mode workouts.