Wahoo KickR

Hi guys,

Just had my first ride in Zwift using the KickR. I’m use to Trainerroad where the KickR is in Erg mode - allowing for high wattage / and cadence at low gears. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Zwift - in order to produce a somewhat decent output I needed to hit the big gears on a flat piece of road. Is it possible to put more resistance on the trainer without compromising the simulation / virtual experience…?



Just go into the settings and turn trainer resistance all the way up to 10.  It is set at defualt by 5.

I don’t think setting the trainer resistance to 100% is going to give you the effect you are looking for.

At 100%, the change in resistance is too drastic, in my opinion, as you go from flat to climb to downhill. I personally set mine to 75%. You can move the slider 3/4 of the way over to the right or to be super precise, just open up your prefs.xml file and set the resistance value there.

I truly believe Zwift should factor in some wind and wind resistance in order to make the simulation more true to real life riding outside. On flats in Zwift, I can be in the 52x15, going 25+ mph, barely putting out any power and real effort. In real life, I would have to have a massive tailwind to go that speed with such little effort.

I have not experimented with the Wahoo Fitness App’s wind simulation portion of the power control but it seems like this is what we need in Zwift as well.