Spinning out on flats when racing Wahoo Kickr Snap

I read all the other posts in the forum but didn’t see anything definitive.  I have a Wahoo Kickr Snap and use Zwift.  Zwift is a fantastic training tool.  I’ve recently gotten into racing on the game and I’m enjoying it.  My gearing is 50x11 in the top gear. I am spinning out at about 275-300W on flats.  I called Wahoo and they told me my option would be not to use Zwift and use the Wahoo app to raise resistance.  I really like the interactive world and racing on the game so I don’t want to leave it.  Wahoo said that I should speak to Zwift since it is your app that is controlling the resistance.  

Is it a big ask to have controls similar to what Wahoo has where if I want to raise my resistance on the game to make more power, I can do so?  My smaller chainring is useless on the game even going up the biggest hills.  This one aspect isn’t lifelike, I only spin out going down hills on real roads.  Is there anything that can be done?

Thank you and I really love the app and use it 4-6 times a week.


Hi David.

Quick question did you set the Trainer difficulty to max?

Gerrie thank you for the response but that setting is only for hills and yes, I’ve used it at zero and at 100.  It doesn’t have an effect on flats.

I have the same problem with the Elite Rampa. It’s only over bluetooth I have the problem. Over ant+ everything works correctly.

Zwift support told me “Yes, there are several users reporting similar issue but we’re still collecting information and investigating because there’s no 100% common trend between cases. Not all Elite or Rampa users are affected and some non-Elite devices show the related error we’re looking into as well.”


I’ve sent them some logs and I would suggest you do the same as the more info they have the better. I wouldn’t count on this getting fixed quickly though :frowning:



I experienced the same thing last night. I was on the London flat course and was spinning out of my 50/11. I was using my Elite Drivo over Bluetooth. I adjusted the trainer difficulty during and it only impacted the hills. My trainer also had difficulty adjusting during one of the new GCN workouts on Friday. There were several times during the workout that my Drivo wouldn’t reduce the resistance to match the power required.

I think there may be a few bugs in the most recent update.


Ok so a little more information.  I’ve come to realize this issue is only when drafting.  I can’t stay in the draft when riding aggressively.  I can get up to 400+ watts consistently when riding alone and today I hit a peak of 1100 watts.  However, when I am following another rider in a race, I keep falling out of the draft because I am spinning out at 250-275W.  

Do people from Zwift read this stuff?  I sent a note to support as well.

Yes I do have that problem. I have the wahoo Kickr 2.  Even at the start of a race event, I spin out. I’m testing the wahoo fitness app while in Zwift to create additional resistance resulting higher watts at lower Cadence and therefore speed.  

Using ERG mode, I don’t get this problem.