No resistance after wahoo software update

I allowed a software update on wahoo krker and now there is no resistance control when I ride Zwift. It shows watts but that’s it. Any suggestions. I did confirm in settings that the erg control is on.

Hi @steven_deMers_WBR

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Can you tell us more about your setup?

How do you pair your sensors?

Thanks for the response. I’ve been using Zwift day one. I was a beta tester back in the day. Anyway, I use a Windows PC that is connected via ethernet cord. I have Bluetooth dongle that sits next to my Kickr. It’s all been working
fine for a long time. Yesterday, I reloaded the Wahoo app on my phone. And it forced an update I assume to the actual Kickr. Two big immediate changes: Watts are more sensitive. That is they jump around more frequently. I assume they changed the why they
average the Watts. The second changes is I don’t really feel the impact of climbs or descent. Erg mode is working. I tested a workout. Note a reloaded the Zwift software. Super annoying when you are dialed in and a software changes screws it up.


Any update on this? Wahoo said do a spin down test. Doubt that does anything.

Hello Steven, did you resolve this issue with your Kickr? I’ve run into the same problem with no more resistance changes for climbs and descents. My setup is different the problem appears to be the same.