Wahoo Kickr Core - No change in resistance

Hello, brand new Kickr Core connecting to a Windows 10 machine via ANT+ working absolutely fine until the Zwift update last week. Now when free riding getting no resistance changes when the gradient changes, it’s just one constant resistance!
Any known issues with the last update? Tried unpairing, pairing, checked that Zwift is using the FE-C connections for power and controllable trainer etc
Thanks in advance

My Kickr Core is working fine. Also on Win 10 with ant+ FE-C. Sounds like you are stuck in ERG mode, or the trainer difficulty was set to 0.

Played about with the trainer difficulty, makes no difference. Any idea how to get it out of ERG mode? Have also removed the Kickr from the Wahoo app as I had seen that mentioned before…

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I was exactly the same yesterday, really frustrating as I am trying very hard to stick to a training plan and so ERG mode is essential!!
Everything worked fine, even after March update, but then on April 1st no control by zwift. Zwift is reading my power and cadence (blue flashing light), but not controlling my H3 even though the app says everything is connected fine. Always just used bluetooth before with no issues.
Really frustrating.

Hi, I seem to have the exact same issue with my tacx flux s connected via Apple TV for the past week. No change in resistance on hills at all. I’ve increased difficulty to 100% etc but it’s making no difference at all.

Did anyone manage to resolve this?

selfish bump…having the same problem on Wahoo Kickr. Anyone find a solution?

i have the kickr core. also had some simular issues. did disable the ERG mode in the Wahoo App (the one with black icon).

Hi folks
Also a selfish bump. I have been having this issue since the beginning of the year. First on my trusty Tacx Bushido Smart which has been flawless for years, and now on my newly bought Kickr Core. I use an Apple TV and pare using the companion app. I have tried all the different combinations regarding pairing and no luck.

For me it is in both ERG mode and free ride. Usually it sorts itself out after a few minutes of me randomly reconnecting sensors with or without the companion app, although yesterday I rode the entire Haute route stage 3 with no resistance control.

Used Zwift for 5 years now and never ever had this issue, but for me now it is every ride.

does it work if you pair directly, not through the ZCA? Or, what about running Zwift on the device you have the companion app on, does it work then? I’m wondering, if it works on your other device (phone I assume), it could rule out the Kickr as the problem leaving the ATV as the culprit. If it doesn’t work on your phone, maybe the Kickr is faulty?

The issue is there whether I pair directly with the Apple TV or through the companion app. I very much doubt it is the Kickr because I also had this exact same issue on my Tacx Bushido Smart.

I haven’t yet tried running only on the phone, will give that a bash.

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I had this exact same issue: brand new Wahoo KICKR Core trainer showing no resistance changes with Zwift.

The solution I found was pairing the KICKR Core as both a “Power Source” AND a “Controllable”. I also paired it as a cadence sensor but that may be beside the point.

Anyway, why Zwift makes these separate I don’t know, but pairing my trainer with both of these fixed the issue.

Then I played with the trainer feel slider to get what feels realistic.

Hope this helps someone it was quite frustrating trying to locate a recent, succinct solution online.


Because some people prefer to use a separate power meter (e.g. pedals) as the power source in conjunction with their trainee.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m no pro and not trying to make this more real than actually riding but I wasn’t getting resistance. And this saved me. Thank you.

I’ve just purchased a new kickr core had one previously no problems, this one I’m not getting any resistance changes when gradient changes and in settings I don’t have the option for trainer difficulty or erg mode. Using Zwift on apple iPad

Hi @Nathan_Wernowski1

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I sounds like you did not pair the trainer as controllable and Power