Low resistance using Kickr

I have just brought a Wahoo Kickr (hub classic) and a new mountain bike (Trek Marlin 7 10 speed)…

What I’m finding in the Zwift initial rides (the intro to Wattopia ride) is that even in the highest gear I’m not getting enough resistance to build up significant speed on the flats of the ride…and then in the highest gear, when going downhill in Zwift, I’m in high gear again, intending to pedal to pick up speed, but not getting enough resistance to do so…

So in all this, other riders are cycling past me etc and all I can do is go quite slowly - even when peddling hard as possible in high gear.

I’ve done the spin down in both Zwift and the Wahoo app.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you

possibly related

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Thanks for the reply - I’m not using a Zwift Hub, I’m on a Wahoo Kickr - using Zwift on my Apple TV - but it does feel like there’s an issue between the terrain I’m riding on in Zwift and how that’s interpreted by the Kickr.

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In settings turn your trainer difficulty down to 0, but even after this you may find you still do not have enough gears with that front 30-34T chainring

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This is a common problem when using bikes with a very small high gear.

One option to try:

You can also use the QZ app which will provide virtual gears that you can shift on your phone. @Roberto_Viola is the developer and will help you with any questions. Basically you pair the trainer to QZ on your phone and you pair QZ to Zwift. qzfitness.com


qz developer here! let me know if you have any other questions

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