Resistance in zwift

I cannot use my kickr to connect to zwift because there is not enough resistance and i run out of gears.
I have tried connect my assioma pedals and then i have to connect the kickr to my wahoo computer to obtain the resistance mode which then makes it OK with the gears but doesnt work of assioma pedals are not connected also!
I have power disparitities because the wahoo bolt shows about 10w higher than zwift.
I cannot connect the kickr to both zwift and the bolt to maybe present the same. I can have the assioma connected to both but then it doesnt work the same resistance without the kickr.

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The Assioma Pedals won’t increase the resistance. There is no way to increase the base resistance on Zwift.

I assume you are using a MTB on Zwift. MTB’s has small gearing and can’t keep up with road bikes.

Sorry, i said that i didnt not have enough resistance with rhe kickr connected to zwift.
The only way around getting more resistance was to have the kickr connected to the wahoo bolt computer (I could then get resistance mode on Bolt and that gave enough to ride more normally) which meant i could not connect the kickr to zwift as well so i connected my power pedals. This is a road bike I am using

Do you have your trainer connected as “controllable”?
From what you are describing, you don’t.
This would make your trainer operate in free-ride mode, much like a dumb-trainer.

What brand/model of trainer are you using?

Yes i have tried it as controllable and not and still could not get enough resistance to produce morr watts that i needed. I am not really powerful either! FTP of 190w.
I was calling it kickr, sorry it is a wahoo kickr.

What’s the size of your high gear? How big is the largest chainring, and how small is the smallest cog in back?

Have you calibrated it recently? I would run the calibration through the wahoo app and see if that fixes the resistance. If that doesnt work, try the factory spin down.

What is your setup (PC, Apple TV, etc.)?
How are you pairing (BT/ANT+)?
If you are paired both with Zwift & your Wahoo app, you’ll have problems.
It sounds like Zwift is not recognizing your Kickr as controllable.

If you want to control your Kickr with your Assioma pedals (I do this), go to your Kickr’s settings in the Wahoo app, and choose “control with ANT+ power meter”. Then enter your Assioma’s ANT+ ID, and close the app. Connect to Zwift, and choose your Kickr as both power source & controllable.

10w difference between the pedals & Trainer is a little more than expected, but not unheard of.
Do a 'static weight test" on your pedals, and do a spin-down (via the Wahoo app NOT Zwift).

Which Kickr do you have?
The Snap (wheel-on) is not as accurate as the Core or KickrV5/V6 (wheel-off).

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I run 50 34 chain rings and 11-28 cassette.
This shouldnt be an issue

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Yes done all calibrations. Tried througj wahoo app specifically after previously doing through other devices

Your reply is very detailed. Thank you Peter_Hig
On zwift it has showed that it is paired as controllable. I have known it when going up a high gradient, but if its flat it would spin out.
I use a laptop where i run zwift on windows.
My kickr is paired via bluetooth to zwift or if paired with the wahoo bolt and i have tried calobrations in both wahoo app and usong other devices.
I do not have any apps open so there is no other pairing apart from zwift or my wahoo bolt computer.
It is an earlier model wahoo kickr but is jot the snap or core … think it is version 2 or 3 and you take the back wheel out.
Should all be OK with this.
I will give it another go pairing the kickr to zwift only as for this week i have stuck with pairing to wahoo bolt so i can perform the power in my set training as i know this is working OK its just my records for training are from the kickr power which is over as i do not load zwift files because i flit in and out of different rides so too many bitty uploads

The only other thing I can think of is to check your difficulty setting in Zwift.
Make sure that it’s at least 50%.
You can only do this once the trainer is paired.

Have you tried using your pedals to control your Kickr from within the Wahoo app?

The trainer difficulty setting only decreases resistance on climbs. It makes descents harder, and doesn’t change resistance on flat terrain at all. If the problem is seen on flat terrain, then the trainer difficulty setting will make no difference.

I think you can adjust the wheel size in the wahoo app as well. I recall hearing someone adjusted the wheel size to the max available to tweak the resistance ratio or something like that. As far as I remember it was to scale the resistance up so that it was harder across the whole range. this has no effect on the actual watts in game.

Thank you.
Correct, i had tried this before and found the climbs SO difficult but didnt help with flat.

I tried the trainer difficulty before and i have paired the trainer to zwift since after changing the power readings to be taken from the pedals in the wahoo app as you had said you do.
I had solved the issue of difference in wattage readings by pairing the assioma pedals after the kickr and this meant the readings were taken from the pedals so was OK thanks.
Since then i have used the wahoo app to take the pedal power readings as you had suggested.
I then connected the wahoo kickr to zwift and not the wahoo bolt and connected it as controllable again, yet it still does not hold resistance.
I have taken a video when i did this to show it just spinning out… the more i pedalled the more the resistance went and power decreased. I changed down the block until in the smallest sproket with the big ring and the power was just going.
This seems madness and cant understand how there does not appear to be anyone else that has this issue!
Juat to confirm this is only when the kickr is paired to zwift. If assioma pedals are connected to zwift and the kickr is paired to the bolt then resistance is not an issue running the mode page as resistance (so i use my gears and have a fixed set resistance) and if i run out of gears for all out efforts session i just up the resistance on the mode page.

I shall have a look in the wahoo app for wheel size as well, thanks.
I still think this would be mad that I would have to do a work around to make it work suitably though since i would think there are many that use a wahoo kickr older version and do not use a head unit to record their data and just use zwift. If i didnt use my wahoo bolt, then i couldnt ride with any group as i would be dropped ending up doing like 150 revs trying to keep power up

changing the wheel size in the wahoo app has worked for me. 2.300m

Thanks. Is this the wahoo app that is black icon with white writing or wahoo elemnt which is black/grey with blue?
Then where do you change this please on the app? And do you need any device connected to it to find how to change?
Thank you

Yeah, it’s the Wahoo app (black icon). Need to have the kickr on and linked. Click on it from the workout tab, then it’s the wheel circumference setting. Can pick from the list or enter custom.