Kickr V5 with 29er MTB Help

Hello fellow Zwifters, I have been riding on my road bike on Zwift since I got it. But I am about to sell my bike for a great deal and looking at still getting in good saddle time on Zwift. With my Kickr V5 I can adjust the resistance through the Wahoo app to simulate a larger gearing ratio ( Kind of like my road bike).

This would be perfect but when I log into Zwift, Zwift takes control of this resistance and changes it back to normal. Which isn’t so great with a 32t front chain ring.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers B

Adjust wheel circumference in Wahoo app to something like 3.0. If it wont accept 3.0, then use 2.75. Easy way to save a few bucks for mountain bikers.

Thanks for the info Dean, Doesn’t seem to work. Either I have Wahoo app control the trainer and I dont feel any gradients or feed back from course or I have Zwift control the trainer which cause’s me to have to ride in my 11tooth and only can max around 250-300 at over 100 Cadence ish…

Seems like such a easy problem to solve by just having me be able to go into the settings of the trainer or Zwift and manually make it have more resistance like a permanent trainer difficulty per say even on flats…

I’ll keep scouring the internet and call Wahoo on Tuesday when they have support open and do a follow up if I come up with a solution.

Cheers B

Hmmm, well it used to work but I’ll try it again later today or tomorrow. I’ll also dig out a thread on here that has a few posts from Kickr owners that have also done it to see if anything has changed.

FYI, whilst it did work for me, I ended up putting on an old bike on my trainer that I picked up years ago for the same price as a SRAM chainring. If you have the space and can push to a 2nd hand bike, having a perm setup makes life super easy.