Base Resistance for MTB

Heh zwift… A lot of us have strapped out mountain bikes to our trainers and are running 32x10 or 36x11 as our top gear. I’m constantly spinning out on the flats, downhills and sprints. Sure, this mimics real life - but this isn’t real life now is it? I don’t want to buy a real road bike just to be able to ride at more than 40km/hr virtually.

Please - PLEASE - add an option to increase the baseline resistance so we can use whatever bike we have and actually compete with people with 50T rings.

Welcome aboard.

MTB’er here too so feel your pain. Maybe add a vote in this thread Increase baseline resistance

I bought a 2nd bike purely for Zwift after the first few weeks of spinning out.

Meantime, workouts will be fine if you have a smart trainer, or races/rides on steep hills - use to be able to glance at routes that will suit your gearing.

It’s racing that’s the problem. That’s really the only reason I renewed my sub this year.

Looks like I’ll just cancel my sub if I’m limited to workouts and riding up hills - both of which suck… sigh. Seems like such a simple issue to address.


Agree! Just got a kickr and am excited to use it with the MTB, but spinning out on the flats is no fun…

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What about increasing your weight in the app when using a MTB with limited gearing?

Have you set your trainer difficulty to max? I find this really helps out, especially on the flatter routes. Also simulates climbs much better so when we go outside we don’t get a shock!

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