Adjust baseline resistance

(Tim Boothby) #1

I Zwift with a hard tail MTB on a Kickr. Weird I know but I use my road bike daily on the road and the MTB would be in the shed otherwise.

Anyhow, the MTB having a smaller chainring means I’m always in the top couple of gears on the flat and simply cannot pedal fast enough to put out even a modest 200W on the descents.

I know there is the difficulty slider which makes climbs harder but this seems to have no effect on flats. I’d like the ability to turn up the overall resistance (climbs, flats and descents) to compensate for lower gearing on the bike.

Great product by the way, keep up the good work!


(B rad Duncan) #2

I’d like this too. I’m also on a kicker with a MTB. fortunately I have a 3 chainring setup on this bike so I can get to 42/11, I could only have a 38/11 on my other MTB if I used that.

The adjustability seems to adjust the resistance vs gradient characteristic which is great, but a way to offset the “zero gradient” value would be extremely beneficial for guys without big gears.

Absolutely loving Zwift, really makes training when in the middle of nowhere a treat!

(Franz Fellner) #3

I’d very much like that too!