Zwift for Mountain Bikes

I ride a mountain bike on a Wahoo KICKR and find the gearing leaves me spinning out on flat ground.   It would be nice if I could adjust my gearing in Zwift, whereby Zwift would control the KICKR by starting at a higher resistance.

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And in addition to this, a MTB course with longer and/or steep uphills would be very nice. I think there are enough hills in Watopia to ride them offroad :slight_smile:

greetings Hannnes


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I also have a problem with spinning out on my MTB (24/32/42)

I’d like something to select “MTB gearing”, or have an option to select chainring size?

I have the same issue.  I only have a MTB and I use a seperate Tacx specific tire.  I find that Level 3 has me spinning like mad and at level 3 there is no way I will get to the watts that Zwift is asking me too even in my biggest gear :frowning:

I have a 2x10 (38-24).



I have the same issue and next time I’ll try to work around by just setting my weight to, let’s try, double the real value.


On the Garmin App there is a calibration where you have to reach 40km/h.
Telling the rider to do so in the highest gear could get a good auto calibration together with a cadence sensor.
But I would be fine just to get an manually to set gearing correction factor.

And by the way that wouldn’t change my wattage/kg data as my workaround will. :wink:


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It’s so mad. Zwift is just “to easy” for bikers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also asked the support for adding a setting like “base resistance”, because Zwift on an MTB in Sim mode is no fun in group rides or races. That’s why I always ride in ERg mode (doing workouts).

Watopia and London are just to flat. But you kno, cyclists love distances and hate climbs, and that’s the majority.

Maybe i should build up again my old CX bike :man_dancing:t4: