Increase baseline resistance

Are there any plans to be able to increase baseline resistance in Zwift? This would allow us to simulate higher gearing and use more of the gear range. As is, I’m using only the very top end gears and can’t achieve a high enough gear ratio for the low baseline resistance. I think this feature would be extremely handy.

@Harrison_Solo: What Trainer and Bicycle are you using?

I’m using a Kickr Core with a mountain bike that maxes out with 42/12 gearing which is why I’d love to be able to increase the trainer’s resistance and make better use of the gear set I have.


Have you already gone into settings within the game to set the trainer difficulty to max?

That doesn’t work - the difficulty setting reduces the resistance when going downhill. We need a way to linearly increase resistance both uphill and downhill at the same time so you get the same power output at a lower gearing (or lower cadence).

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Essentially virtually making my 1x11 MTB’s front chainring bigger than the actual 30T I’m running IRL. That would be great!! Found I was spinning out all the way on the flats of Tour of Watopia Stage 5.

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Any update on this? I’m having the same problem with my mtb


I’ve seen various versions of this same request (also in the archives).

I recently bought a smart trainer for use with Zwift, and I’m amazed this feature doesn’t exist. Given there is already the capability to adjust resistance going up gradients, I can’t imagine this would be difficult to implement.

As it is, if we have a bike with too low of gearing (e.g., compact crank), it makes it hard to keep up in races (especially if you favor a lower cadence). Why not take advantage of the software capability to allow folks to adjust resistance across the board (effectively giving them a bigger chainring)? (Of course keeping the ability to adjust resistance of gradients independently)


I’m also having this issue. The only kludgy workaround I’ve found is to start riding zwift, open the wahoo app, start a workout there, crank up about 15mph of headwind with the sim setting there, and return to my ride. It usually works, and when it doesn’t I restart everything including trainer and retry the kludge. It’s the only way free ride or group rides are possible for me, otherwise erg mode workouts are the only option.

The trainer, and zwift, can clearly provide the desired resistance, as demonstrated by erg mode; we just need a method to turn up the baseline resistance for free rides, races, and group rides in the zwift settings.

The mountain bike community is ripe for enjoying zwift, especially during the winter; but it’s annoyingly to spin out of our fastest gear with 100 cadence at 130 watts of resistance.

I’ve the same issue with my MTB, if we could increase resistance with a proportional factor for exemple, it will be fantastic !

If you are on a kickr you can open the wahoo fitness app, go to sensor-settings and change the wheel size. If you apply a bigger wheel, you will get a better gear-ratio. I’ m on a mtb, and had the same problem before.
Not sure if you can change the same settings on different trainers. But I know it’s not available for kickr snap.
There you have to for the wind-speed solution.

been reported like 1000 times…it’s like a 4 hour coding enhancement and they won’t do it

It is literally adding a slider to the setting screen with values 0-10. Each one is a integer. There is one place in code where Zwift send data to the trainer which includes slope. In that routine check the slider preference (loaded at startup from the settings) and add that value to the current value.

DONE. 4 hour task.

They already do a much more complicated resistance hack with the current slope modifier. I have no idea why they implemented it that way. Shoot, get rid of the way that works and implement the new way. 2 hour fix haha.

Same issue for me with an Elite Direto. My trainer works well in ERG mode, but in Sim mode the base resistance is too low, especially on flat routes where I have very little power output even if I use a high cadence. Also on uphill, the trainer increase the resistance, but I have to use the 50 chainring to stay on my threshold power. With other software I have not this issue, in Zwift it seems that the base resistance is lower. Is there any workaround? And is there some trainer not affected by this issue?

Just purchased a Kickr to beat the lockdown blues in South Africa. I ride MTB. Joined Zwift to ride with my mates. First ride today - what a disappointment - insufficient baseline resistance for MTB. Geez Zwift you have an awesome product but this is a serious flaw which turns away a huge MTB market
. Please fix urgently

Create a Custom Workout that has only one large block of “free ride” in it.
Choose this workout.
Then you can increase the incline on the companion app.

Shot, thanks

IRL wouldn’t an MTB rider experience the same issues on the road with spinning out the gears? In Zwift not sure why anyone would use a mountain bike on the road courses as they are slow even when putting out the watts. I rode the Cervelo S5 over to where the mtb trail starts, then changed over to the mtb. Anyway, just a thought - if they change the mountain bike to act like a road bike, why not just ride the road bike?

Why use Zwift at all just to use it to manually adjust resistance and nothing more? Doesn’t seem like the solution.