Increase baseline resistance

(Harrison Solo) #1

Are there any plans to be able to increase baseline resistance in Zwift? This would allow us to simulate higher gearing and use more of the gear range. As is, I’m using only the very top end gears and can’t achieve a high enough gear ratio for the low baseline resistance. I think this feature would be extremely handy.

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #2

@Harrison_Solo: What Trainer and Bicycle are you using?

(Harrison Solo) #3

I’m using a Kickr Core with a mountain bike that maxes out with 42/12 gearing which is why I’d love to be able to increase the trainer’s resistance and make better use of the gear set I have.

(Aaron) #4

Have you already gone into settings within the game to set the trainer difficulty to max?

(Warren) #5

That doesn’t work - the difficulty setting reduces the resistance when going downhill. We need a way to linearly increase resistance both uphill and downhill at the same time so you get the same power output at a lower gearing (or lower cadence).