Kickr Core resistance too low

OK I’ve been reading about people with this issue but I haven’t read a real solution yet. I had a Kickr Core break on me but worked great up until that point. They sent me a new one this week and I set it up. However, the resistance is way too low. I easily spin out and i’m not even close to my average FTP. Something definitely wrong as I can compare it to my prior Kickr.

Anyone know how to fix this? Not an issue with hills. Happens on flat road.

How are you pairing it @Seth_Harris? Sounds like it is not setup correctly. I just got a refurbished Core back too after my original started to fail, bearings I think. The “new” one works the same as before and feels exactly the same.

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Just followed directions. Paired through the Wahoo app (bluetooth). Calibration from wahoo app.

Sounds like you are still paired to the Wahoo app and Zwift is not controlling the trainer. Double check your pairing and turn off the device with the Wahoo app.

OK but even though when I go to the zwift app, I select the trainer and it says it’s paired?

for power AND controllable?