Insufficient resistance at 0% gradient [SOLVED]

I have a Kickr Core and I’m using Apple TV for Zwift. I find that I’m mostly riding in the top three gears, sometimes two, because the base resistance seems much too low. I’ve found similar posts in the forum, but they are usually hijacked by no resistance on climbs problems…Resistance on climbs is not a problem that I have, that all seems to work as expected.
I have the trainer gradient resistance set at the default 50%. I have tried spindown in the Apple TV app (fails a lot) and also using the Wahoo app, before connecting to Zwift but still the same problem remains.
Does anyone have a solution for this?

OK, I have found a solution for this problem.
I connected the Kickr Core to the Wahoo Fitness app and messed with the ‘Workout’ settings. In sim mode, I changed the resistance settings . I also changed the level and power curve settings …pretty randomly :slight_smile:
I then disconnected and connected to Zwift via Apple TV. There was instantly a more realistic resistance at 0% gradient and it has stayed that way. I don’t believe that the actual settings I input to the Wahoo app have stuck (because it is no longer paired to it) , but think that because I changed the settings, it has reset the baseline resistance for the Kickr.
Again, I have to stress that I have never had any resistance problems on climbs. There is plenty of resistance for that …ouch. My only problem was an unrealistic resistance on flats (0% gradient) .
Any problem with low or no resistance on climbs is a completely different issue which I have not experienced.
Anyway, I now have a wider gear range when using Zwift, so problem solved.
Happy Zwifting.

Hello Bruce,
I have had the same. This only happend to me after i losed connection with my powersource while already being in zwift worlds.
Make sure that you connect al your devices in the begin screen and that there not going to sleep or lose connection.

I have only had it once with my kickr18’.

Hopefully this might do the trick for you

i’m in the same boat. Kickr Core arrived last week, the resistance is way too low and I find most rides i’m in the top gear. The climb has to be really steep like box hill for any resistance to kick in, but it doesn’t change a huge amount and I find that i’m spinning out when i’m supposed to be feeling the pain… to the point where i’m starting to think it might be broken.

Spindowns in the whoo or zwift apps don’t help. I found the trainer resistance bar in the zwift settings which does increase resistance overall but not in the dynamic way I bought this trainer for.

I’ve read countless threads on here, reddit, etc that talk about resistance loss but this isn’t my problem. The trainer is receiving commands to increase the resistance through the wahoo and zwift apps, just not on when i’m in a workout or free mode in zwift.

really frustrating & i’m considering giving up!

Got the same issue, did you ever work out what is going on?

Read the entire original post, it was edited to include his solution.