Kickr V5 resistance issues

Hi everyone,

I have a the most up to date Wahoo kickr trainer and when climbing hills or descending the resistance seems to drop or increase dramatically. I have the trainer on max simulation and find that on 7% climbs i will be doing 300 watts and then the trainer will reduce the resistance to downhill resistance even on the same 7% gradient. This is the over way round for descending where it will apply more resistance even though I should be spinning at 90-100rpm.

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix or what the likely issue could be


I had a similar issue on a ride last night using Kickr Core. Going up Epic KOM I was putting out usual range of Watts but able to maintain this in a higher gear than usual and higher cadence. Then on the descent I could feel the resistance increase. Checked if trainer difficulty had changed but was in my normal 50% setting.

Tested it climbing the steep bump you hit in Epic KOM descent, usually get halfway up then run out of momentum as the gradient kicks in but got up it a lot easier than normally would.

Rebooting laptop seemed to be better but maybe still not feeling same effort on the climbs. Did quick workout with manual resistance on the Wahoo app and that ramped the effort up just fine. Harder than I’d ever experienced on Zwift in truth!

might be worth a look at this thread to see if it is similar to what you are seeing:

Never had problems before…but after updating Zwift to newest version on ATV (1.12.1) I have: Yesterday I’d a weird racing experience. Something was completely wrong. Resistance totally screwed. Less resistance in slopes than in downhill. Had to quit the race. After this I rode in Watopia in free ride without quitting Zwift and resistance was correct again. I’m using Kickr Core newest version with newest firmware 1.0.13